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TOPIC: A quaternary ammonium compound, cetrimide

A quaternary ammonium compound, cetrimide 2 years 10 months ago #18325

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A quaternary ammonium compound, cetrimide :woohoo: is used as a detergent and having powerful antiseptic properties, for sterilizing surgical instruments, cleaning wounds, etc. Cetrimide is the most commonly used chemical in pharmaceutical & chemical industry. Due to its ability of being antiseptic agent it is highly demanded in pharmaceutical & chemical companies. As Cetrimide is an purifying agent, which means it has antibacterial, antifungal and other antimicrobial properties that can be applied to skin that helps to avoid or reduce the risk of infection. It also acts as a surfactant that is, it works as a detergent with cleaning properties.

Cetrimide is used alone or in combination with chlorhexidine for cleansing and disinfecting the skin and for treating minor wounds, burns, and napkin rash. A very dilute solution is applied topically for the relief of sore gums. It is also used as an ingredient of shampoos for treating seborrhoea and psoriasis.

As a pharmaceutical ingredient, it is also used in various products like sprays, liquids, creams and applicable to a wide range of creams such as cleaning burns and wounds for disinfecting skin before injections or surgery. Because of its antimicrobial and detergent properties, many shampoos and conditioners also contain this antiseptic as an active ingredient. Cetrimide is able to harm the cell membranes & destroy the cellular structure of various microorganisms that causes disease including fungi, bacteria & other single cell organisms. Hence it is used as antiseptic agent in manufacturing of medicines. However, it is not effective against all bacteria, or against spores, or viruses.

In older days common antiseptics like phenol were used but cetrimide has replaced these antiseptics as it is totally non-toxic so it can be applied to skin directly. Cetrimide is less irritating to skin compared to carbolic acid. Due to its wide applicability cetrimide is in high demand. Cetrimide liquid or cream is freely available over the counter, but some combined preparations can only be bought from pharmacies. There are various cetrimide manufacturers who produces all variants for medicines, antiseptic lotions and creams.

Director of Tatva chintan pharma chem says that “since its inception, the company has focused on the production of cetrimide. Cetrimide is available in different customized forms such as Cetrimide IP, Cetrimide BP, Cetrimide USP, Cetrimide EP & are processed under the surveillance of expert professionals.” Tatva chintan pharma chem pvt ltd is a well known name in manufacturing best cetrimide & its forms, Phase transfer catalysts, Bulk API, Epoxy curing catalysts, Wittig salts, quaternary phosphonium salts, Additives for powder coatings, Zeolite templates. Tatva chintan located in Ankleshwar, Gujarat is one of the trusted and leading source for Pharmaceutical & chemical products. For more details please call
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