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TOPIC: scam or safe??? scam or safe??? 2 years 2 months ago #33243

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I've seen this page, someone has ordered from here?
Seems quite a scam, but if anyone has ordered from here and got good stuff please respond. :cheer:
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Re: scam or safe??? 2 years 2 months ago #33820

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Subject: To send out a WARNING to Everybody that “” is nothing else than a SCAM in my opinion….

Hi everybody,
I would like to explain the story story that happened to me recently concerning another advertisement promoting the sale of LSZ online. It all started a couple of months ago. A that time I was looking for different sources of LSZ blotters (eventually with different Artwork on them). I had previously bought a 10 strip from to to satisfy my curiosity on how similar or different the effects of this “legal” molecule were going to be… I was happy with the quality but to me the dosage was too light. Anyway that’s my personal opinion and it’s not the reason this post today. So my story really started the day I went online & typed “LSZ blotter” into Google Images search engine. I soon came up with a small photo of a single yellow blotter on a finger. I then checked out on which website it was posted on to see if this would lead me anywhere...
Here is where it can be viewed:

This is not a website but only a private advertisement with an email to contact this vendor.. A few hours later I received an answer with a price list of their supposed sheets (depending on the amount ordered). It was mentioned that their dosage was 200µg each and sheet contained 600 doses of 7mm by 7mm being the size of each square. Their prices were a lot cheaper than They also mentioned that they had crystal available fort sale. They wrote that they were based in Poland and that the product was coming from China where it was manufactured. They also had 2 different price lists giving me the choice of the product been sent from their stock in Poland. This would a little bit more expensive but faster & more secure than the other option which was to get it shipped direct China which is exporting a lot of RC’s these days which could mean more customs checks. As the price was ridiculously cheap. It was 500 USD for a gram of this LSZ (98-99% pure as they mentioned) sent from Poland (and 450 USD if I wanted it shipped from China. I was very sceptical for a few minutes but then I was taught back about a person I know who was selling grams of excellent DOC some time ago for the equivalent of 25£/gr (when purchasing 500 grams). The price was about 130£ for a single gram which was still really cheap. Anyway this meant that if he was making profit selling it at 25£ (when selling it by 500 gr) he must have been getting it really cheap… So why couldn’t LSZ be 500 USD for a gram after all. I was thinking that there must be some good connections out there somewhere so I said to myself why not give it a chance. Maybe there might be a professional laboratory somewhere over in China with all the equipment & precursors available. Anyway I went ahead & ordered 1gram of crystal to see what would happen. I made the transfer the same day using Western Union. Actually the transfer had to be made to Lithuania (and not Poland). Now I’m WARNING everybody out there who gets offers for some LSZ (or any other RC) to remember the destination of my transfer: LITHUANIA, City of UKMERGE!!… Anyway this was a complete SCAM!!… I received a email the following day to confirm my payment and he said that his business partner (in Poland I suppose) had shipped it from Poland on that same day. Anyway days went by and after three weeks I still had not received anything… At that stage I was disappointed but I still really wanted to believe that these people had some LSZ for sale & that the post or customs were the ones to blame for my missing letter or package. Also when I made the transfer there was a misunderstanding about some extra 50 USD to pay to get it shipped by courier & the person told me that it had been sent by priority post instead but that this would not be a problem as it was well packed up… My story could & should have ended there but as I naively still wanted to believe in this advertisement I went ahead & ordered a second one including 50 USD extra for the courier this time… The result was the same… Nothing ever arrived. After almost three weeks I the I decided to send a last mail to this person asking him for the truth about his business knowing that in any case I had would never get my money back…I asked him if he had ever sent anything at all to me… At this stage I wasn’t expecting any answer anymore from this person but the following day he wrote back admitting that he had NEVER sent anything telling me that I was a naive and very greedy to ever expect LSZ at this Price!! . He was wondering how I believed his story and how I could imagine he would have been able sell LSZ Crystal half the price of what he mentioned the “OFFICIAL WEBSITE” and this is where he names it “”… I had never heard of this website before and I had spent quite a lot of time online looking around for information & sources for LSZ up until then… I then decided to check out this website to see how long it had been operational online for. It was set up on the 25th of October 2013 four days before this last mail. This could now be his OFFICIAL SCAM SITE and he was probably hoping that I’d give it a chance after loosing my cash with his previous scams. The coincidence of this website coming online four days before he writes back admitting that he cheated me as well as “so kindly” mentioning the name of this website (or online shop) to me doesn’t make much sense unless he wanted me to place an order on this website now.
For me is clearly HIS SCAM!!… So if anybody wants to try it out I wish them good luck and especially if the money transfer is by Western Union (as it’s the only way of payment advertised on so far). Also remember the transfer destination for me when scammed me: City of UKMERGE in LITHUANIA…
With all this said I just hope that my experience will prevent others from loosing their cash & wasting their time!!…
Thanks for reading…
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