Etizolam from

Vendor name: TKK Chems


Product: Etizolam  CAS number: 40054-69-1

Price:  £6.59 for 10 * 1mg + £0.90 for 1st class delivery

Appearance: Small blue pills in professional blister strips

Quantity received: 10 * 1mg

Delivery time: 1 day

Packaging: Discrete bubble envelope, with another shiny metal blue envelope which contained a plastic bag. On the bag was the name of the drug and the quantity. Inside the bag was another bag with the drug in.

Marquis test results: Not tested

Dose tested: 2 *1mg

POSITIVE = This vendor has excellent communications, is very speedy and the product is always top notch. You can pay by bank transfer for a slight discount
NEGATIVE = Charges £1.20 fee for credit card payments

COMMENT: Pure Etizolam from reliable vendor


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