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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is the 20th FIFA World Cup, an international men's football tournament that is taking place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014.

CRU organize a raffle in which you can win money!

Sign up for the raffle and win money!

To sign up click the button below. 10 USD is the entrance fee and you can pay by Paypal or Credit Card. You will receive a random picked team after payment. Please note that while the tournament is going on, you might be randomly dealt a team that has already been removed from the competition.

CRU will not profit from this raffle. This is just for fun and your benefit and a bit of excitement

Those with the winning team win 50% of all funds collected.

Those with the runner up win 30% of all funds collected.

Those who have received the team that ends third will receive 20% of all funds collected.

Brazil 2014


For participating members and their teams, please refer to this thread