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1233 Topics 4568 Replies GrindFactor's Avatar
by GrindFactor
13 minutes ago
You can only contribute in this section if you are a member with 100 posts or more together with at minimum of 20 "thank you's" received. If you have less than this, you will still be able to read the contents, but cannot start threads or make posts.
For issues requiring urgent assistance, please refer to the harm reduction section.
3 Topics 18 Replies Kafka's Avatar
by Kafka
17 hours 54 minutes ago
Can't find the appropriate category to post in? Just bang it in here.
1344 Topics 12.7k Replies jeremysdemo's Avatar
by jeremysdemo
12 minutes ago
A place to share your Ideas on improving the CRU community. Solutions to problems regarding harm reduction or suggestions on how to improve the current legislation system.
18 Topics 321 Replies Bublebo's Avatar
by Bublebo
2 hours 24 minutes ago
Every now and again we give away free stuff such as scales, shirts, stickers and other souvenirs and on occasion our spouses.
12 Topics 290 Replies hypereall's Avatar
by hypereall
6 days 15 hours ago
Reducing and avoiding both mental and physical harm.
183 Topics 1567 Replies cdless's Avatar
by cdless
8 minutes ago
symptoms of OD. Advice, remedy, antidote, help, first aid.
11 Topics 81 Replies Rat King's Avatar
by Rat King
4 minutes ago
Need help with addiction? Questions about addiction or fiending?
33 Topics 410 Replies cdless's Avatar
Last Post: What Is Drug Abuse?
by cdless
20 minutes ago
Have you got anything to say about combining certain chemicals in your research attempts? What is right and what is downright dangerous.
130 Topics 808 Replies idonotexist42's Avatar
Last Post: Al-Lad and mxe?
by idonotexist42
3 hours 8 minutes ago
6-apb, 5-apb, ethylphenidate, 2-fa, 3-fa, 4-fa, MPA, 4-MEC, 3-MMC, the list goes on...
658 Topics 7241 Replies DbagDerrick's Avatar
Last Post: 5-Mapb and Marquis
by DbagDerrick
1 hour 38 minutes ago
aMT, 25*nBOME, DOC, DOX, LSA, Jimscaline, Psilocybin and everything else psychedelic.
336 Topics 3903 Replies Bo-Bandy's Avatar
Last Post: AL-LAD thread
by Bo-Bandy
43 minutes ago
N-ethylketamine, *-meo-PCP, MXE, DXM, and whatever else belongs to the "Dissociative" family of chemicals...
247 Topics 2768 Replies GrantResearch2001's Avatar
by GrantResearch2001
10 hours 16 minutes ago
All synthetic opium derivatives that can be classed as Research chemicals...
81 Topics 1067 Replies hypereall's Avatar
by hypereall
1 day 2 hours ago
UR-144, AM-2201, 2NE1, 5f-AKB48, AKB48, STS-135, incense blends and the rest of a seemingly endlesss list of Synthetic cannabinoids...
308 Topics 2374 Replies jeremysdemo's Avatar
by jeremysdemo
16 hours 5 minutes ago
Fancy packaging with no listed ingredients marketed as bath salts, pond cleaner, paint stripper or baby sitter.
80 Topics 569 Replies tokesmart's Avatar
by tokesmart
4 hours 5 minutes ago
NOTE: This section is closed due to the fact that it was attracting people trying to do business through the PM system. If you cannot find a source of any legal product on the site, through ads or the forum, please try using Google.
217 Topics 1906 Replies Happy Blaster Chemicals's Avatar
Last Post: bk-2c-b?
by Happy Blaster Chemicals
18 hours 23 minutes ago
Do you have news about a vendor. Are you happy with their services or have you been taken for a ride? If you would like to enable posting in this category, please follow these steps:
1466 Topics 27.7k Replies iLL CiD's Avatar
by iLL CiD
24 minutes ago
4 Topics 210 Replies seagripp's Avatar
by seagripp
2 days 22 hours ago
Experience reports on results of research with available legal chemicals...
149 Topics 1281 Replies Bublebo's Avatar
Last Post: Tripping material
by Bublebo
2 hours 31 minutes ago
If you don't like music, you're either deaf or alien. Everybody likes a tune.
138 Topics 2297 Replies Rat King's Avatar
Last Post: Parody music
by Rat King
38 minutes ago
Anything to do with the welfare of animals
15 Topics 149 Replies Bo-Bandy's Avatar
by Bo-Bandy
2 weeks 1 day ago
Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Twister and all other games...
46 Topics 164 Replies Bublebo's Avatar
by Bublebo
1 hour 52 minutes ago
A healthy body and healthy mind. How to stay in shape.
29 Topics 247 Replies Bublebo's Avatar
by Bublebo
2 hours 38 minutes ago
Do you own a Television? Let us know your experiences with it.
53 Topics 353 Replies Bublebo's Avatar
Last Post: Mad Max 2015
by Bublebo
1 hour 15 minutes ago
Drugs are sometimes illegal but always taboo. This makes for some interesting news.
82 Topics 426 Replies jeremysdemo's Avatar
by jeremysdemo
2 hours 54 minutes ago
What is legal or illegal where you are located? How are laws enforced? What are the future prospects?
99 Topics 630 Replies NFH's Avatar
by NFH
2 days 4 hours ago
Balls, rackets, clubs, shoes and goals. Cricket allowed too.
9 Topics 29 Replies hypereall's Avatar
Last Post: runners?
by hypereall
1 month 3 weeks ago
Anything technical/chemistry related.
76 Topics 343 Replies Snooky's Avatar
Last Post: Eternal question
by Snooky
1 day 18 hours ago
What's going on in the world that triggers your interest?
46 Topics 331 Replies hypereall's Avatar
by hypereall
16 hours 4 minutes ago
27 Topics 125 Replies Bublebo's Avatar
by Bublebo
2 hours 40 minutes ago
25 Topics 261 Replies Bo-Bandy's Avatar
by Bo-Bandy
1 week 1 day ago

Deutsch Forum (German section)

Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz.
27 Topics 253 Replies Kracher's Avatar
by Kracher
6 hours 2 minutes ago
19 Topics 151 Replies Mephistor's Avatar
by Mephistor
1 day 12 hours ago
12 Topics 91 Replies Fedo's Avatar
Last Post: Ersatz für 2C-E
by Fedo
5 hours 27 minutes ago
6 Topics 41 Replies icke's Avatar
Last Post: O-Desmethyltramadol
by icke
6 days 17 hours ago

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