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TOPIC: 5/6-APB vs 5/6-APDB

5/6-APB vs 5/6-APDB 1 year, 1 month ago #6846

  • wikkid
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Can anyone with experiences trying both sides of these argue their case for which one produced better results. It would appear that APDB is actually easier to synthesize, and a precursor to APB. Wondering about differences in dosage, overall experience and the like.

Thanks for any input you can provide.
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Re: 5/6-APB vs 5/6-APDB 1 year, 1 month ago #7029

  • B. B. Ronifka
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I have tried 5-apb and 6-apdb. It's a little hard to compare, but I've compared my 6-apdb experiences on many occasions with people who have tried 6-apb. I have found that 6-apdb is active already in a very low dose. I have given 25 mg doses to friends and this had a definite effect. It also has a trippy side. In another post I've explained how I like to take some 25mgs after some 100mgs 4-fa to add a trippy touch when I'm mixing records at home. So far I think I have dosed no more than 50mgs. So who knows what'll happen when I drop 100mgs. I'll probably puke my guts out before the fun starts, since I have found that even with low doses you may feel like you have to puke on the comeup. Usually taking some rest and focus on breathing will do to make that go away.

I must say that I liked 5-apb a lot as well. It has a very warm, almost earthly vibe to it. I have some 6-apb that is yet to be tested 'sec'. I have mixed it with 5-apb with mixed results. Too much nausea, which may be due to the 6-apb being of inferior quality (92% purity if I remember correctly).

Should say that I would be really really curious to try 5-abDb
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Re: 5/6-APB vs 5/6-APDB 1 year, 1 month ago #7060

  • dragon
One is illegal one is not.

Re: 5/6-APB vs 5/6-APDB 7 months ago #25205

  • dancingwithdeath
Edit.. nevermind. Misunderstood thread.
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Re: 5/6-APB vs 5/6-APDB 7 months ago #25211

I have some "6-apb' it defintiely doesn't feel like it though. i'm thinking it's 5-apb or 6/5-apdb (but ive never tried any of the apdbs)

Re: 5/6-APB vs 5/6-APDB 6 months ago #28155

  • Larilan
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I am a long term LGH member and have just recently joined this forum. So by the way of introduction, I will attempt to give a comprehensive answer.
I've had 6-apb and 5-apb many times. I have also tested 5-MAPB and 5-APDB. 6-apb and 5-apb are my most favorite RCs. I usually take them together 120mg of 6-apb and 60mg of 5-apb. I must warn that effects are highly depended on other factors. I am regular pramiracetam user and I found out that it can cause a 6-apb overload even at 150mg. That's feeling over-driven, nauseous, chest pressure and unease. Without pramiracetam I took up to 250 mg of 6-apb at a time with additional 60mg taken after 3 hours without any negative side-effects. The reason why on a few occasions I took such a high doze was because there was less than 2 weeks between rolls. Two additional factors is that I cannot roll on MDMA and ended up having very weak rolls on m1, having done too much of it while it was legal. To outline other factors which may contribute to a roll on these compounds, listen to this one. My girlfriend used to have a hell of a roll on 80/40 6/5-APB combination. The interesting point is that I begin rolling 30 minutes after I take it, but it takes her 1.5 hour. She recently changed her birth-control pills. Last night we went out to a techno concert and she first took 120mg of 6-apb. She ate 2,5 hours before she took it. (6-apb, unlike other MDXX drugs actually works better if you consume it with a meal.) When she didn't feel anything after 2 hours she took 40mg of 5-apb. She got first hints two hours after that (4,5 hours after she took 6-apb) and was rolling balls half another after that to a point that she was scared because she nauseous and had chest pressure. Go figure.
That's just some info for less experienced to point out that these things work differently depending on an individual and other factors.

Now to answer the subject of this thread. Unless I specify otherwise every chemical is a succinate salt.

6-apb has a strong body and head euphoria. By this I mean waves of orgasmic like sensations and tinglings akin to what you feel when an airplane takes a dive. It is anything by clear-headed - you do feel intoxicated. I want to dance very badly on it. When I come up, I begin to smile and it goes on for a few hours. It is speedy. It enhances music appreciation, probably 1/3 of methylone effect, which I considered absolutely magical for this purpose while it worked for me. One point to mention is that its effects come in waves. During those waves i produced a significant time dilation. It really brightens color perception. At high dosages, I saw things jerking sideways. But there no rippling effect like on hallucinogens. But 6-apb lacks one aspect which is filled by 5-apb.

5-apb has very a mild body euphoria and none of a head euphoria. I am extremely clear headed on it. It is not speedy at all, but neither it is calming. What it does have that 6-apb does not is a tremendous amount of empathy. I love everybody on it. Not being able to get this on a few occasions when I tried the grand-daddy of all of them, I am extremely happy on this combination. Pure 5-apb roll is only about 5 hours. It is OK, but is not great for dancing on its own. It enhances music appreciation on par with 6-apb. I didn't experience any time dilation, and if it enhances color perceptions, it is minimal.
I also have 5-apb hydrochloride which I have yet to try. I was around people who took the same batch and it was A LOT STRONGER than its succinate salt.

5-mapb. There was a lot of expectations for this one. I tried it once and I probably went through 500 mg.
It is mellow. In terms of body high, it is week. In that aspect it vaguely reminded me of methylone, AFTER I developed tolerance to it. My mind felt muddy, without the pleasure, unlike on 6-apb where mind intoxication is stronger but is very pleasurable. It gives very little enhancement to music perception. I didn't experience any time dilation. I would not buy it again.

5-apdb. Two weeks ago I snorted 40mg and hated it. It produced chest pressure and made me worried. With this ROA it seems to work like a straight stimulant, just like 4-mec and I hate this feeling. Not much is yet posted on this compound, but having read what I could find, last night I made two capsules each containing 75mg of 5-apdb and 15mg of 4-fma. I ate 2, 5 hours before taking the drug. I felt it in about 40 minute. It was pleasant. Body high was half of 6-apb. Head high was 1/4 of 6-apb. Energy-wise, the reports said that taken by itself it made people mellow, which is why stocking it with amphetamine was recommended. Since I stocked it, I can not tell, but this combination was 1/3 as energetic as 6-apb on its own. In about two hours I took the second pill and I felt better. Not over-driven at all. It did contribute to music appreciation, a bit less than 5-apb. Colors were somewhat enhanced 1/3 of 6-apb. But is was lacking one crucial aspect. It had zero antidepressant effect!
I had to remind myself to smile. No it was not phosphoric or depressive, but it brought absolutely no joy. All other MDXXs including butylone, ethylone, 5-methyl ethylone had a joyful push. But not this one. After it wore after about 6 hours at 3am, the unpleasantness of 30mg of 4-fma taken fairly recently kicked in. Thanks got for etizolam. To sum it up. It is pleasant. Probably it should be taken in larger amounts and should be stacked with 5-apb.

Well, that's my contribution to this forum. I would be very interested in hearing about 6-apdb. And please, if you know a source of 6-apb and 4-fma, do let me know!
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Re: 5/6-APB vs 5/6-APDB 3 months ago #41181

  • B. B. Ronifka
  • Peacekeeper
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Short addition from recent findings: 6-apdb + 5-apdb had a good synergy. I used some 2-dpmp as a backbone stim not to get too mongy. The 5-apdb fills the 6-apdb in, hard to describe exactly how. 6-apdb on it's own I found pleasurable, 5-apdb was too introverted or mongy for most occasions. The sum of the 2 was better than either alone.
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Re: 5/6-APB vs 5/6-APDB 2 weeks, 1 day ago #52533

  • gasgasgas
  • First time toker
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6-APDB, would 100 mg in a capsule taken orally be good enough for first timers?

how is it to take regular amphetamine together with this?

Re: 5/6-APB vs 5/6-APDB 1 week, 3 days ago #53236

  • djremix
  • Problem child
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as far as I can tell, 6-apdb should be less trippy, less energetic than 6-apb

for me combo of 60mg 6-apb and 50mg 5-apb was very very cool

5-mapb was great aswell at 120mg but lacked an an energetic push

so I assume 5-mapb and 6-apb combo would be nice aswell
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