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 "Research Chemicals", a term for the legal drugs that were previously coined "designer drugs" are a product of legislation and in turn, a product of online vendors such as Motion Research, the company now charged with the deaths of young men.

Unsound laws promote unsound people to run unscrupulous businesses. These are the same laws that make sure that there is no control over the products that these businesses sell as they are forced to label their product as "not for human consumption".

Most of the new designer drugs are provided with very little information about dosage, route of administration, effects, etc. and this is where accidents and overdoses can and do happen. These legal substances are sold labelled as 'not for human consumption' so no information can be given regarding any of this at the point of sale. The Chemsrus.com website aims to provide a place where consumers can share their experiences and provide information and warnings to others in the name of harm reduction. If the site can save just one life then the mission can be regarded as accomplished.

Not for human consumptionAll drugs have been legal at one point.
Cocaine, Morphine and Heroin were for many years regarded as a cure for just about anything and they were freely available over the counter. When they turned illegal one by one, Morphine was used to combat Opium addiction, then Morphine was used to treat Heroin addiction and in turn the most addictive substance of them all "Methadone" is nowadays used as a legal substitute for those who want to kick their Heroin addiction. As long as there are people on the globe, drugs will be consumed by many. Sometimes legal, sometimes not, depending on time and place. Very little is done to actually keep people safe. Instead, measures are made to keep people on the right side of the law, with little regard for their health.

What is happening after the turn of last century is that now, a more shady party has joined the game. The companies that use the law that turns people into offenders when consuming an illegal substance are using this same law for their own commercial benefits. Fair enough when no laws or lives are broken and an honest profit can be made, one would say. But sometimes these companies act with little to no regard for the well-being of the consumers of said products, much the same as government. Just with better profit margins and less expenses.

The government however, does everything to accommodate this. Bills are being passed constantly to ban certain chemicals and it does little else than ruin people's lives and cost the tax payer money. Indian and Chinese chemists, funded by Western companies that sell these "research chemicals" are producing new legal compounds at twice the speed, staying well ahead of any new "analogue laws". These companies can freely sell their wares, as long as they label them "Not for human consumption". Even forums discussing the consumption of legal chemicals should not exist according to these laws.

Legal doesn't mean unharmful. More often than not it means MORE dangerous because unlike illegal drugs, long term consequences of its use are unknown.
You'd be in breach of law if you would sell household bleach for human consumption. Everybody knows that bleach isn't a very popular drink and you're unlikely to get offered a glass of it at a party unless you're in charge of cleaning the restroom. In the same regard, everybody also knows that these legal chemicals aren't used to "
clean ponds" or used as "plant food" which they are marketed so as to cohere to the twisted laws invented to reduce harm upon our people.

If you were to incarcerate everybody that has used an illegal substance, you would have to build a prison the size of the moon and there would be very few people left outside of that prison. Making substances illegal also involves moving it to the black market with the lurking consequences of
violence, smuggling, murder, human trafficking, corruption, extortion, you name it.

This all should have been crystal clear after learning the results from what happened in the bootleg era in the 30's when alcohol was outlawed the same way other chemicals are being banned at present time. But the way of tackling the situation continues to this day and looking at government's actions on fighting the consumption of drugs is a bit like watching Don Quijote at war with his windmills. Not a lot has changed. To stick with terms of 1930's prohibition, some people in the “Research Chemical” business are the Dick Tracey-like-villains of this day, having swapped their Tommy guns with Websites. All conveniently accommodated by laws and passing bills. Others on the other hand are just there to make an honest buck and take people's health in regard. For the consumer though, it still stays a gamble, and that's where Chemsrus.com comes in.

If our government would really be serious about
harm reduction and strives to prevent deaths of our children, we should either ban every intoxicating substance or we should regulate, tax it and educate the people about its dangers in a non-condescending way.

Neither of this is happening and this is the reason why we have established Chemsrus.com; a platform that is open to discussing the chemicals people consume in order to stay on the right side of the law. Chemicals which are potentially putting them at danger if no free speech about it is allowed.

We are living in an age where information can be easily accessible but if no information is tolerated and there are skewed laws in place which allow for no control other than putting a silly "not for human consumption" label on products, tragedies such as the one in the "Motion Research" case will continue to happen. What you have just read, barely scratched the surface of the importance of the subject, but it's as concise as it gets for now.

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