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Legal doesn't mean unharmful. More often than not it means MORE dangerous because unlike illegal dru [ ... ]

ACMD publications (UK)

publications by Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs Benzofurans: A review of the evidence of us [ ... ]

Our philosophyOur philosophy

 "Research Chemicals", a term for the legal drugs that were previously coined "designer drugs" are  [ ... ]

List of designer drugs

Please note that this is an incomplete list of designer drugs/research chemicals of which some may b [ ... ]

Advertising research chemicalsAdvertising research chemicals

Return on Investment? Are you running a Research Chemical business and would you like to boost your [ ... ]

The dangers of testing free samplesThe dangers of testing free samples

RC vendors come and go, and a lot of them care as much for your health as they care for the turd the [ ... ]

NBOMe sold as Dime under investigation

A drug operation run in Hamilton has been shut down following an investigation by TVNZ's Close Up.
 [ ... ]

Psychedelic Information TheoryPsychedelic Information Theory

Below you will find the entire book "Psychedelic Information Theory". If you like the book, please p [ ... ]

Latest research chemicals

Latest research chemicals. New research chemicals / legal highs. What's new? Find out here. More inf [ ... ]

Tester's chem reviews

The Tester is a non-profit blog who has kindly given us permission to reprint his reports, written [ ... ]

US drug laws

Laws on research chemicals in the USA The U.S. currently has no legislation which explicitly identi [ ... ]

Spain drug laws

Laws on research chemicals in Spain The rules here regarding RCs are basicly the same as in the UK, [ ... ]

UK drug laws

Laws on research chemicals in the UK The United Kingdom is widely regarded as having some of the mo [ ... ]

EU Controlled Chems

List of all controlled substances in the EU Download the entire report here (830 pages PDF)
Note tha [ ... ]

RCs Legal Status

List of all controlled substances in the EU Download the entire report here (830 pages PDF)
Note tha [ ... ]

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We aim to aid in motivating people to educate themselves by joining our informative research chemical community and actively participate in discussions about the subject to get a realistic view of its properties and dangers as well as to document valuable life-saving information that otherwise would not be in the public domain to assist health personal and law making officials in their jobs as well as any other individual with a desire to seek unbiased views.
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